About Heppner Marketing

Deb Heppner is President of Heppner Marketing, LLC, an exceptional advertising specialty company located in Pittsburgh PA. Heppner Marketing, LLC provides promotional advertising products to technology, financial, healthcare, non-profit, and the construction industry to name a few. Deb says, "I created Heppner Marketing to help companies develop more effective strategies for retaining current and developing new customers. At Heppner Marketing, we employ Lifestyle Integrated Marketing TM.  This is a proprietary methodology which gets a company's brand in front of clients and prospects often over a long period of time. ”


Deb has been in the industry for over 20 years. Her passion is helping her clients across the country achieve greater success.


Heppner Marketing is more then pens and mugs. We deliver your brand in front of more people….more often….and longer. Lifestyle Integrated Advertising does just that!


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